Internet Specials

Internet Specials
Save money on scratch and dent items and warehouse specials.
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Stainless Steel Mix Collar - 12, 16, & 21oz.$9.00
Food Warmer$129.00
#12 Grater/ShredderAlfa$619.00
1 oz S/P Panel Shaker 12 packTablecraft$9.99
1 oz S/P Tower Shaker 12 packTablecraft$9.99
1/2 oz Cube S/P Shaker 12 packTablecraft$8.99
1/3 Pan Lid Hinged AmberCambro$13.72
1/6 Food PanCambro$2.67
10" Chrome Glass HangerUpdate International$1.99
12 oz Cheese Shaker 4 packTablecraft$8.99
12 oz Sugar Shaker 4 packTablecraft$8.99
16 oz Plastic FunnelUpdate International$0.99

Astro Blender only $569.00! Great deal!
Server EZ Topper just $515.00! Quality!

Astro Blender: Easy to operate, get the great mix every time!
Server EZ Topper: Dual dispensing nozzles give you hot topping on demand!
EZ-Store Chafer: $39.00 Great Deal!
Food Service Trays: $30.00 Serve your food with a splash of color!

EZ-Store Chafer 8 qt Capacity!
Food Service Trays: Reusable and vibrant, a great solution for service!

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